Keep Your Coffee Hot With a Stainless Steel Coffee Mug


A travel mug is the best invention since the wheel for those people on the go who like their coffee or hot cocoa to go with them. The variety of travel coffee mugs are endless, but there are some tips that you should think about before you buy. Travel coffee cups are typically plastic or stainless steel. The most cost economical of the two is by far the plastic variety.

metal coffee mugsWhile the stainless steel variety will cost you a pretty penny in the beginning, they will by far be the best option in the grand scheme of things. The reason being is that plastic coffee travel mugs with handles mugs will break easier and not keep your beverages hot or cold (as the case may be) for as long as the stainless steel coffee mug.

A stainless steel coffee mug will be able to maintain the temperature of your tea for about 30 to 60 minutes. It is best to find a mug that is double wall insulated. Steel continues to prove to be the best option because it is much more easy to clean. Plastic mugs will begin to absorb the liquids over time which will in turn infect all future drinks and make everything taste nasty!

If I have not convinced you yet and you still prefer a plastic coffee mug, then at least buy one that has an inner wall made of stainless. This just may be the “bee’s knees” because the plastic outside will never be too hot or cold to grasp and the inside will maintain the desired temperature.

Stainless Steel Coffee Mug – “Steel” Your Way to a Great Find!

A great coffee travel mug is a necessity when you need to go somewhere with your coffee, tea or hot chocolate. There are a great variety of travel mugs available, but you should consider these tips before your purchase. Coffee mugs designed for travel are usually stainless steel or plastic, but I have seen rather adorable ceramic travel mugs as well. Plastic is by far the cheapest of the three.

Stainless steel coffee mugs may cost more up front they will be the ones who give you more bang for you buck in the long run. Plastic travel mugs break easily and have lower quality insulation properties than other versions.

A stainless steel coffee mug will keep your tea or coffee hot for approximately thirty to sixty minutes. They are also used to keep your drinks cold if that is your desire, but either way you should try to find one that offers double walled insulation. Another benefit is that it is much easier to clean and keep clean than plastic. The plastic version will eventually absorb the coffee, tea or hot chocolate flavor. This absorption will lead to making all your beverages taste different and then you have to go and buy a new mug anyway!

However, if your preferences is still for a plastic travel cup then try to buy one that comes with a stainless steel inner wall. This might be the best of both worlds because the outside of the mug will not get too hot to hold, the inside will not get tainted with foul tastes, and you can choose from a bunch of colors and designs.

Whether it be a full stainless steel mug or just one that has an inner wall of stainless, it’s clearly the material of choice. But, whatever you choose, remember, keep that coffee hot!